We are interior designers

We create an ideal space - where quality, aesthetics and functionality combine harmoniously

Ivan Bulling Ltd have been creating taylor-made interior and design solutions for residential projects since 1950 and our involvement extends to all aspects of décor - fabrics and furniture accessories, bed linen, lamps and art - in all rooms in the home.


We work closely with different clients on various budgets reaching solutions together to ensure a design, colour and comfort that expresses their character and lifestyle. We use 3D software to help visualise rooms and are skilled at working from plans before or during the construction of a home. We take pride in producing an interior that exceeds our client’s expectations.

We look around us for inspiration in our colour schemes, from the colours in a garden, the colours of a birds plumage, the rusting panels on an old gate - inspiration abounds. Colour is our life. It is how we envelope ourselves at home and has the power to transform something from plain to bold, foreboding to serene or mundane to exciting.

Let us help you make the right decisions regarding scale and proportion, suggest innovative details and introduce you to the art of indulgence in your home. Let us turn your dreams into a reality.