Crown Terrace House

This is the latest project we are working on, A new house in central Otago.

This 3D drawing shows the small entrance Toilet. The wallpaper we will use is hand made from Water hyacinth stalks laminated onto a non woven backing. An opulent old gold colour chosen, will go up one wall, across the ceiling and down the other wall. Complimenting this will a black wall on one side with a floor to ceiling mirror forming the other wall. This mirror will be back lit by LED lights for indirect mood lighting for the ultimate in refinement. This building is a modern take on an old miner’s cottage so the vanity has been designed using a steel pipe to mimic the central Otago sluice pipes. This will be powder coated Metallic Black and be positioned in the corner with a white vessel. Walking through a very deep schist lined door way into this room should be unforgettable.

The other drawing shows the Kitchen. Due to the ceiling height we designed this pipe duct to carry the extractor fan and as a means to carry electrical cables and lighting. Once again, powder coated, this time in a metallic Charcoal. A magnificent feature in this living space with its concrete floor and stunning views of the golden landscape, mountains and blue skies.

This has been one of our more involving projects. Massive amount of detailed planning. Can’t wait to witness the finished product.