Enclosed you will see several photos of restoration work we have undertaken for our clients.

Some of this work is simple recovery while other pieces have involved the stripping of old paint and varnish, repairing broken or lost pieces of wood or carving and then re-polishing.

You will notice a huge transformation from the before and after photos. Particularly the leather buttoned and Pink Velvet chair. These chairs had several layers of paint over varnish with a large amount of damage from years of use. We believe these pieces were imported from the UK in the late 1800’s early 1900’s.

The blue fabric covered dining chairs were made in 1964 by Ivan Bulling. They were purchase back by our family in 2010. The chair photographed was French Polished by Tonia Bulling and recovered in a Christian Fischbacher velvet. Note Ivan’s signature.

We enjoy witnessing the transformation of these tired pieces.